The Checkup: How to Order a Subway Sandwich Like a Nutrition Pro  

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• We all get stuck in airports and have to eat Subway sandwiches sometimes — and the next time that happens to you, my friend, this breakdown of exactly what nutrition pros order at the sandwich chain is sure to come in handy. [Women’s Health]

• Gross fact: There is poop on everything. Everything. [Huffington Post]

• Need to chill out, stat? Take note of this one-minute meditation trick that self-help guru Gabrielle Bernstein swears by. [Well + Good]

• Psst: There are four types of sugar addicts — which one are you? (Because face it: You probably fall into one of the slots.) [MindBodyGreen]

• One more reason to hit the gym after work: Working out may make your brain more flexible, right along with your body. [Science of Us]

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