The Checkup: The Caffeinated Green Smoothie Sure to Transform Your Mornings

And more healthy tidbits for a better week.

• Raise your hand if you just chugged a cup of foul-tasting (but, hey, it gets the job done) coffee from your office’s rank communal machine. Okay, take note: Tomorrow, before you head to the office, whip up this coffee and avocado (yep, everyone’s two favorite things combined) smoothie, sure to forever improve your mornings. [Well + Good]

• It’s that time: Time to decide which New Year’s resolutions to ditch and which to keep (hey, it happens). Here, your guide to choosing the winners and losers so that it best pays off for you in the end. [Fast Company]

• Gluten-free eaters, take note: There’s a new flour-free tortilla in town — and it’s made from the protein-rich veggie kohlrabi. [MindBodyGreen]

• Well, this is cute: Science says putting Bob Marley on when your dog is stressed out could be the answer to chilling him out. [Men’s Health]

Turmeric is everywhere. Case in point: Even chicken noodle soup has officially gotten the turmeric treatment. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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