The Checkup: The Secrets to Saving Money at Whole Foods

And more healthy reads to kickstart your week!

• Fact: I spent three hours and way too much money at the brand spankin’ new Whole Foods yesterday. In the future, I will be consulting this list (and you should too!) of insider tips — like asking to try anything before you buy, and buying everything hand-cut — before I hit the aisles to avoid falling into the Whole Paycheck trap. [Bon Appetit]

• Good news: Nutritionists say snacking isn’t actually your waistline’s enemy — in fact, snacking can help avoid gorging later on. If you need snacking inspiration, here, nutritionists share their favorite hanger-fighting combos. [Women’s Health]

• If you’re feeling like you haven’t been crossing accomplishments off your to-do list as often as you’d like lately, take note: The 100 percent rule just might be the push you need. [Greatist]

• Don’t — we repeat: DON’T — put garlic in your lady parts. We only say this because, apparently, this is a thing women are doing in the hopes of curing yeast infections. [Refinery29]

• Interesting! If you’re planning on getting a flu shot, you’re going to want to get pricked in the morning instead of the afternoon, research shows. [Men’s Health]

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