The Busy Person’s Workout Cheat Sheet

Here, 10 awesome 10-minute YouTube workout videos to help you sweat on even the most hectic of days.

Between early-morning work meetings, dentist appointments, calling to yell at your cell phone company, and finding the perfect gift for your best friend’s bridal shower, some days it can seem like you don’t even have time to catch your breath for five minutes, let alone time hit the gym. But getting a sweat session in works wonders for your body and mind, and a busy day is no excuse to skip out on that.

To help you squeeze in a few minutes of exercise on even the busiest of days, we’ve rounded up 10 great under-10-minute YouTube workouts so that you can plow through your day’s to-do list AND get your sweat on. Because no matter how busy you are, you’ve certainly got 10 minutes to spare. Check ’em out below and consider this your workout cheat sheet for days when a full-blown gym session just isn’t in the cards. 

1. 10-Minute Victoria’s Secret Fat-Blasting Workout
via Popsugar Fitness

Okay, so we can’t promise that you’ll walk away from this workout looking just like Adriana Lima or Gigi Hadid, but we can promise that you’ll get pretty darn sweaty in no time with this fast-paced full-body workout.

2. 10-Minute HIIT Full-Body Workout
via XHIT Daily

This high-intensity workout, loaded with burpees and lunge variations, takes you through a series of eight exercises, with 20 seconds of work followed by a 10-second break. You might even develop some time-management skills along the way (you’ll see what I mean).

3. 10-Minute Total Body-Strength Workout Without Equipment
via Jessica Smith TV

All you need for this workout is yourself, a chair and 10 minutes — so no excuses!

4. Perfect 10 Abs Workout
via Blogilates

You know I had to include the brain behind POP Pilates, Cassey Ho. She and I go way back: I’ve been doing her workout videos for years. This video is the ultimate quick fix for your abs and obliques. Six pack here you come!

5. Cardio Fitness Dance Party Burn To The Beat
via Be Fit

In the mood to shake things up a bit? Try this dance cardio routine that will leave you so out of breath you’ll feel like you just ran a 5K. A really, really fun 5K.

10-Minute Total-Body Yoga Flow
via Yoga By Candace

This full-body yoga routine is a great stand-in when you’re feeling a bit stressed or a bit sore from sitting at a desk all day, but don’t have time to hit the yoga studio.

7. 10-Minute Total Upper-Body Workout Without Equipment
via Fitness Blender

Looking to tone up your arms fast? This upper-body workout hits all the right spots.

8. 10-Minute Butt and Legs Workout
via Women Workout Channel

Prepare to feel this one tomorrow, guys — this lower-body workout hits your legs and glutes hard.

9. 10-Minute Total-Body Pilates
via The Live Fit Girl

This quick 10-minute Pilates fix is perfect for when you’re looking to squeeze in a workout in a pinch but don’t want to be all sweaty and gross afterward. (Helloooo, perfect office workout.)

10. The Ultimate 10-Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout
via Live Lean TV

Up for a challenge? There are no weights needed here, but this 10-minute Tabata workout will leave you sweating, for sure.

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