The Checkup: The Cooking Technique That Instantly Upgrades Eggs

And more healthy reads for your morning.

Steamed eggs: Ever made ‘em? Neither have I. But if you regularly add a hardboiled egg to whatever you’re eating for a punch of protein, you might want to try the super-simple steaming method for a change. The folks over at Bon Appetit say you can expect fewer cracked shells, a creamier yolk and a more tender egg white than you’d get from a hardboiled batch. [Bon Appetit]

• Skin doctor’s orders: CHILL out. Why? Stressing can have all sorts of negative effects on your skin, from accelerated aging (hi, wrinkles) to exacerbated pre-existing skin conditions. [Well + Good]

• Who knew there were so many ways to switch up a standard bridge? Here, 15 ways to tweak the exercise to set your glutes on fire (in a good way). [Women’s Health]

• If only all dinners came together in 30 minutes, am I right? Well, for the next week, all of yours can: Here, seven 30-minute summer recipes to try. [Real Simple]

• For your drunk-munchies knowledge: McDonald’s plans to start slinging their somewhat less-gross (i.e. preservative-free) chicken nuggets nationwide. [GrubStreet]

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