The Checkup: The Case for Running Without Music — Really!

And more healthy headlines to start your week on the right foot.

• I rely on music to get me through a run as much as the next person. On the 10th mile of a half marathon, I undoubtably need an almost-annoying upbeat Calvin Harris tune to get me through. And while music is great to push you over the finish line, not all runs are half marathons where you’re trying to PR. Some runs are just for you — to let your mind wander. And maybe, just maybe, you should give it ample opportunity to do just that, per the suggestion of Outside’s Martin Fritz Huber. [Outside Online

• The Bloody Maria: A liquid salad with alcohol, basically. [Health]

• Take it from someone who has had a bad bout of Plantar Fasciitis: It is the worst. Luckily, there are a few things you can do besides constantly pestering your podiatrist about it. [Runner’s World]

• Eight eight-ounce cups a day: We all know that’s how much water we are supposed to drink. But if we don’t guzzle that much — is it really the end of the world? [SELF]

• Sure, at-home workouts can save you some cash, but working out with strangers could push you a little harder. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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