The Checkup: 3 Foolproof Ways to Beat This Heat Wave

And more healthy reads for your Friday!

• If you have walked outside — even for a mere second — in the past few days, you have felt the presence of the monster that is this July heat wave. Besides locking myself indoors, stripping down to my sports bra and lying next to the closet fan for hours, the only other thing I really have any interest in doing is drowning myself in ice cream. That’s where these three oh-so-simple vegan ice cream recipes (all made with less than five ingredients!) come in. [Well + Good]

• Noooooooo!!!!! The regular use of dry shampoo could lead to balding. I’ll say it again: Noooooooo!!!!  [The Atlantic]

• Just because you got invited to your college roommate’s grandparents’ friend’s beach house this weekend (the lengths we go to stay at the Shore) doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t workout. Here are three HIIT workouts that can be done without even leaving the sand. [Health]

• Amp up your mundane go-to push-up  with this Spiderman variation. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• They say you are what you eat, but now they’re saying you are what you read as well. [Huffington Post]

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