The Checkup: The Sneaky Mealtime Mistake That’s Screwing With Your Waistline

And more healthy headlines for your morning.

• Picture this: You’ve just whipped up a healthy meal of quinoa, roasted veggies and salmon for dinner and you’re about to pile food onto your plate. What do you reach for first? Probably the quinoa, right? Then the salmon, then, lastly, the veggies. No more though: Here, a dietitian explains how putting your plate together in this order is throwing your portion sizes completely out of whack, which can lead to weight gain — even when the meal itself is a healthy one. [Self]

• Ever done a horizontal squat? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Apparently, it can replace the most boring exercise move ever (that would be crunches, duh) as a go-to ab-strengthening move. [Shape]

Leisurée (like athleisure but for lingerie) is taking over. The takeaway for you: You can start wearing your favorite comfy sports bra every damn day, whether you’re working out or not. Victory! [Fast Company]

• I’ve always been a proponent of the “Put an egg on it” eating philosophy. After all, EVERYTHING is better with an oozy egg on it. And an unexpected bonus: Incorporating that meal mantra into your life could help you save a few bucks on your weekly grocery trips. [POPSUGAR Food]

• When was the last time you had a strict lunchtime? I’m guessing it was probably around the same time you were learning algebra. Here, new research makes the case for eating your meals at regularly scheduled times. [TIME]

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