The Checkup: 39 Health and Fitness Apps Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• Need some running motivation? Try the app Zombies, Run. Need to complain about your boss so your mind doesn’t explode? Try the app 7 Cups. You’ll find those, plus 37 more health and fitness apps you should know about, right this way. [Greatist]

Poké bowls (think: a Hawaiian take on a sushi bowl) are all the rage on Instagram right now. Here, how you can make your own at home. [Well + Good]

•  Here’s an interesting way to use a pineapple: Make faux leather out of it. [Fast Company]

• If you still go to Chipotle (who can resist the short lines?), take note: How to order Chipotle without blowing the calorie bank. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Noooooo: New research shows, while you love hugging your dog, your dog probably hates hugs. [Science of Us]

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