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chipotle keto calories
Be Well Philly

Here’s How Many Calories Are in Chipotle’s New Whole30, Keto, and Paleo Bowls

The Chipotle marketing team deserves a bonus this year: In honor of all those who have resolved to eat healthier in 2019, the fast casual […]

Be Well Philly

Hey, Philly Nurses! Chipotle Wants to Give You Free Food

Everyone’s favorite healthyish (we said “ish!”) fast-food joint is doing some good for the people that keep us healthy this month. Chipotle is showing their appreciation […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: 5 Common Pre-Run Habits to Quit Immediately for Way Better Runs 

• If you’re a fan of a good ol’ fashioned pre-run static stretch, you’re going to want to cut that out — research shows it […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: Where to Find the Best Fitness Deals This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

• If you are anything like me, late November is the time of year — every damn year — when you’re hit with the realization that […]

Be Well Philly

Calling All Cyclists: You Should Totally Eat Chipotle for Dinner Tonight — Here’s Why

Calling all cyclists: Here’s your perfectly good excuse to eat Chipotle for dinner tonight. Today, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., eight Philly-area Chipotle locations will […]

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The Checkup: 39 Health and Fitness Apps Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier

• Need some running motivation? Try the app Zombies, Run. Need to complain about your boss so your mind doesn’t explode? Try the app 7 […]

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The Checkup: Why You Should Just Skip Your Workout When You’re Hungover

• If St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have you feeling green this morning (see what I did there?), you should probably just skip your lunch-break spin class. […]

City Life

Delco Man Scores Huge Legal Win Against Chipotle After Chain Fired Him

After getting a job washing dishes and working the counter at the Havertown location of Chipotle, it didn’t take Upper Darby’s James Kennedy long to […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: The Scary Link Between Carbs and Cancer

• Welp, this will make you think twice about your bagel addiction: A new study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that people whose […]

Be Well Philly

Chipotle Will Give You a Free Burrito If You Do This 

In case you are one of those strange creatures who isn’t addicted to the Internet, Chipotle, everyone’s favorite sort-of-kind-of-healthy chain, has had a slew of […]

Be Well Philly

You Can Go Back to Chipotle Now: CDC Says Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Is Over

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave Chipotle lovers (read: everyone) the okay to head back to their favorite fast-food destination on Monday, announcing on its website that […]

Be Well Philly

Pennsylvania Added to List of States Affected By Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak 

Sorry to start your Monday morning off with such sad news, but it looks like Pennsylvania has officially been added to the list of states […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: The Case for Ditching Salad and Ordering Tacos at Chipotle Instead

• If you’ve stared at neighboring tables’ tacos while filling your mouth with salsa-topped lettuce on every Chipotle trip for the past decade, no more: […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: The Waist-Friendly Guide to Ordering at Chipotle

• Love chipotle more than life itself? This should come in handy: Your guide to ordering your burrito (or bowl, or salad) like a bonafide […]

Be Well Philly

How to Skip the Chipotle Lunch Lines for Good

I’m as much of a Chipotle fan as the next gal — those burrito bowls are my jam — but a regular Chipotle-for-lunch habit is […]