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BizFeed: Amtrak Passengers Stuck After Crew “Ran Out of Hours”

1. Amtrak Passengers Stuck in Delaware After Crew “Ran Out of Hours” The News: On it’s trip from New York to Washington D.C., an Amtrak train surprisingly […]

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Chipotle Released Their Guacamole Recipe (and It’s Insanely Easy to Make)

Today is Cinco de Mayo. And you know what Cinco de Mayo calls for? Guacamole (and margaritas, of course, but we’ve already got that covered.) […]

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Starting Today, Chipotle’s Menu Is Completely Free of GMOs

Some big news for Chipotle lovers: Starting today, Chipotle’s 68-ingredient menu is completely free of genetically modified ingredients, The New York Times reports. They are […]


Chain Gang Roundup: Chipotle Opens at Liberty Place

Chipotle is now open in the food court on the second floor of the Shops at Liberty Place. The food court location is Center City’s third […]

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The Checkup: How to Order at Chipotle Like a Nutrition Pro

• Yes, yes, by now we are all well informed that it’s easy to overdo it, calorie-wise, at Chipotle. So why not take a lesson from […]

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The Checkup: This Is How Many Calories Are Really in Your Chipotle Order

• If you’ve ever wondered how many calories your Chipotle addiction costs you per meal, mystery solved: Apparently, the typical Chipotle order rings in at […]

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Get Free Chipotle If You Try Their Vegan Sofritas Today

Here’s one reason to brave the storm in your snow boots: Today, and today only, you’ll get a free entree at Chipotle if you try […]


You Can’t Get Pork at Any Philly Chipotle Locations Right Now

If you were hoping to pick up a delicious pork carnitas burrito at Chipotle for dinner tonight, you are out of luck. The company has […]


Penn State Chipotle Workers Strike, Citing “Sweatshop Conditions”

Penn State’s Chipotle closed yesterday after a few employees quit, citing “borderline sweatshop conditions” at the State College location. Penn State’s Chipotle is a very popular […]


Couple Arrested for Sex on Roof of Chipotle Restaurant

Two Delaware residents were arrested for having sex on top of a Chipotle in Newark. The police went to the East Main Street Chipotle around […]

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Study: You’re Totally Underestimating the Calories in Your Chipotle Burrito

Confirming what you always feared was probably true, a new study found that many consumers wildly underestimate the number of calories in their beloved, brick-size […]

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Chipotle Could Stop Serving Guacamole

My dear fellow Chipotle lovers, I’ve got some seriously depressing news for you: The fast-food chain loved far and wide, by meat-lovers and vegans alike, might eventually […]


Discount Taco Alert: Boorito At Chipotle

Tonight, from 4pm to close, Chipotle is offering burritos, bowls, salads or orders of tacos for just $3 to anyone who shows up in a […]


Chipotle to Test Vegan Menu in Philadelphia

It might seem weird to some to test a vegan menu item from a national chain in Philadelphia. But we know better, there’s never been […]


Free Tacos At Tomorrow’s Night Market

Yup. In addition to all the run-of-the-mill awesomeness involved in a Night Market (particularly a Chinatown Night Market), this one will have a little extra […]