The Checkup: How to Order at Chipotle Like a Nutrition Pro

And more of today's top health headlines.

Photo by flickr user <a href="" target=_blank>Michael Saechang</a>

Photo by flickr user Michael Saechang

• Yes, yes, by now we are all well informed that it’s easy to overdo it, calorie-wise, at Chipotle. So why not take a lesson from these nutritionists and copy their go-to Chipotle orders? [Women’s Health]

• Somehow, some way, Philly was just named on a list of the Top 10 Organic Cities in America. (We’re sort of scratching our heads, too.) [Huffington Post]

• These seven super-tough exercises for your, ahem, rear will have you questioning all of your backside workouts up to this point. [Yahoo Health]

• Make your meals all about the side dishes, yo — veggie side dishes, that is. [Greatist]

• If you’re feeling like your confidence is shot lately — because of your home life, because of your work life, because of whatever — check this out: six habits of confident people that you should emulate. [Fast Company]

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