The Checkup: This Is How Many Calories Are Really in Your Chipotle Order

Photo credit: Flickr user Mr.TinDC

Photo credit: Flickr user Mr.TinDC

• If you’ve ever wondered how many calories your Chipotle addiction costs you per meal, mystery solved: Apparently, the typical Chipotle order rings in at about 1,070 calories. And a veggie burrito bowl with chips and guac? 1,330 calories. Sad, I know. [The New York Times]

• A new wearable coming out later this year uses electricity to zap you into feeling whatever you’d like to feel at that moment, be it relaxed or focused or energetic. Who else’s mind is completely blown? [Fast Company]

• If you’re under the impression all chefs hate customers with dietary restrictions (because this), think again. This chef, based in New York, loves — I repeat: loves — customers with dietary restrictions because they force him to be more creative in the kitchen. Who knew? [Bon Appetit]

• This list will forever end your breakdowns caused by way too many options in the Whole Foods beverage aisle. The folks at Greatist have found the right beverage for every situation, from dehydration to a sore throat to a bad case of muscle cramps. [Greatist]

• Put down the Tylenol PM: A new study found that the practice of mindfulness works just as well as commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals when it comes to helping people sleep. [Science of Us]

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