Chipotle Will Give You a Free Burrito If You Do This 

In case you are one of those strange creatures who isn’t addicted to the Internet, Chipotle, everyone’s favorite sort-of-kind-of-healthy chain, has had a slew of run-ins with E. coli and norovirus over the past few months. So naturally, people are a little bit scared to eat there. But last week, the CDC declared the E. coli outbreak over and, today, all Chipotle stores closed for a few hours for an all-staff meeting on food safety. And now, it looks like they’re hoping to get customers back in the door with free burritos.

I will shamelessly take the bait.

The “raincheck” burritos are meant for people who were bummed Chipotle was closed for lunch today but, really, anyone can get in on the free burrito action. As the company’s website says, you just have to text the number 888-222 the word “RAINCHECK” before 6 p.m. today and they’ll text you back with further instructions to get your free burrito. And if you, like me, are one of the most impatient humans on planet earth, note that it may take a few minutes for the number to text you back with instructions. I texted the number at 2:17 and it didn’t get back to me until 2:36. So don’t lose hope, friends.

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