The Checkup: The Case for Ditching Salad and Ordering Tacos at Chipotle Instead

And more healthy reads you need to see this morning.

• If you’ve stared at neighboring tables’ tacos while filling your mouth with salsa-topped lettuce on every Chipotle trip for the past decade, no more: Turns out, a measly two-ounce serving of the chain’s vinaigrette will cost you a whopping 270 calories. To give you some perspective, three sofritas tacos — when ordered thoughtfully — will only run you 380 calories. Yeah, tacos win, right? [TIME]

• Here, the push-up that works like a push-up bra. We’ll take it, thank you very much! [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Avocado addicts, rejoice! You may soon have an avocado emoji to express your love with. [The New York Times]

• If emojis weren’t even a thing the last time you had an annual physical, this doctor says that’s alright. In fact, he says annual physicals are a waste of time. [Yahoo Health]

• Take note of this for tomorrow: How to have a luxurious morning in just nine minutes. Yes, please! [Well + Good]

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