The Checkup: Where to Find the Best Fitness Deals This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

• If you are anything like me, late November is the time of year — every damn year — when you’re hit with the realization that you have a trillion gifts to buy and you have saved not-a-one cent to put toward the cause. Enter these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals everywhere from Athleta to CorePower Yoga to Nike to save the day. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Uh-oh: If you’ve been known to work out commando (because who, I ask, wants to accidentally sport crazy underwear lines along the Schuylkill River Trail, right?), you might want to reconsider. [Well + Good]

• If Thanksgiving week is the only time you express gratitude, you may want to try it more often. Not only will you seem like less of a jerk, practicing gratitude can boost your athletic performance, too. [Outside]

• A sign in Chipotle implied that their chorizo burrito was a 300-calorie treat. It is not a 300-calorie treat — it’s more like a 1,050-calorie treat. And now, some very angry calorie counters are suing. Really. [Slate]

• Well, this is super interesting! You may proudly call yourself an introvert, but did you know there are four categories of introverts? [Science of Us]

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