The Checkup: This Is the Longest You Ever Need to Hold a Plank to See Results

And more morning reads to kick off your Friday.

• Say goodbye to seeing how long you can hold a plank for until your forearms give out: According to strength coach and Men’s Health contributor Dan John, when trying to gain core strength, the ideal amount of time to hold a plank is two minutes — and holding it longer than that won’t get you much bang for your forearm pain. Haaallelujah! Because a two-minute plank isn’t nothin’, but it’s way better than a however-long-you-can-hold plank, are we right? [Active]

• I dare you to try not to drool all over whatever is directly below your mouth when you see this cheesy polenta with caramelized mushrooms. Don’t worry: There’s a recipe, too. [Runner’s World]

• There’s just something about pretty water bottles that makes me become totally irrational and think “Yeah, it totally makes sense that costs $40, because sparkles.” If you share this weird water-bottle love, here: 20 pretty water bottles you’ll definitely want to buy. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• ’Tis the season for holiday traveling. Here, tips to avoid totally destroying your skin while flying home for the holidays. [Byrdie]

• First savory oatmeal and now savory yogurt?! Apparently, fruit isn’t the only topping worth throwing on a bowl of Siggi’s. [Eat Clean]

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