The Checkup: How to Optimize Your Power Nap

And more health headlines to start your day.

• A nap can absolutely help you plow through your day with lots of energy — but you have to do it right. Here, four smart strategies to nap like a pro. [

• Everything you ever wanted to know about sports bras, including all the technology, research and know-how that goes into them. (It’s sort of crazy!) [Racked]

• Love this idea: Turning your healthy morning juice into a sparkling juice. (Oo la la!) Bonus: This one also claims to be the perfect detox/hangover cure. [Mashable]

• Take your boring apples up about 10 notches with these brilliant ways to turn a ho-hum snack into the highlight of your day. (Okay, at least your workday.) [The Kitchn]

• Great. Even more bad news about sitting too much. [Science Daily]

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