The Checkup: Why Science Says You Should Watch Cat Videos at Work

And more morning reads to make your day better.



• Who needs endless Starbucks soy lattes when you have cat videos? As a new video from the American Chemical Society points out, science shows cat videos can save you from the dreaded afternoon slump: They give you pleasure and temporarily boost your attention to detail. So go ahead, watch one (like this one, perhaps) on your work computer today, guilt-free. [Science of Us]

• In a quinoa-lunch-salad slump? We’ve all been there. (I kid you not, I ate a white bean-zucchini combo for 21 days straight in the fall of 2013.) Here, 19 quinoa salads that will make your sad desk lunch a little less sad. [BuzzFeed]

Sweat isn’t the worst, guys: A case for embracing your beet-red, dripping wet, post-workout face. (Seriously!) [Washington Post]

• Warning: Your Amazon cart is about to fill up fast. These kitchen gadgets tailor-made for fit foodies — think: a tool that quickly strips kale of its annoyingly tough stems — are ah-mazing. [Q by Equinox]

• Those Parenthood Netflix binges might actually doing you some good: A new study shows a cry session actually boosts your mood. Thank you, Braverman family! [Yahoo Health]

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