The Checkup: Bulletproof Water Is the New Bulletproof Coffee

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• The creator of Bulletproof Coffee — coffee spiked with butter and coconut oil to give you a serious, fat-filled boost of energy — just rolled out his next energy-boosting invention: FATwater. It’s the same idea as Bulletproof Coffee: The water is spiked with a triple-distilled coconut oil to deliver a quick, healthy-fat-filled energy boost for a few hundred calories less than Bulletproof Coffee. We might just have to try this one, too. [Well + Good]

• You know what I love? Any exercise that can be done from the comfort of bed. This killer ab exercise fits the bill. [Men’s Health]

• Think you’re going the healthy route by opting for reduced-fat peanut butter to pair with your apple? Think again. Here, 14 “healthy” foods that dietitians would never have in their kitchens. [Elle]

• A question we’ve asked before: Is it okay to leave a hot yoga class — or any fitness class that you just plain don’t enjoy, for that matter — early? [The Atlantic]

• Your work lunches are about to get so much more delicious — and belly-flattening! — thanks to these avocado-loaded lunches packed with monounsaturated fats. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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