The Checkup: The 5 Best (and Worst) Grab-and-Go Nutrition Bars

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• Sorry in advance, Luna Bar lovers: A nutritionist told the folks over at Well + Good all about the top five best and worst nutrition bars out there and, chances are, one or two of your favorites made it onto the “worst” list. [Well + Good]

• Because a dog is a man’s best workout buddy, right? Here, 13 ways to squeeze in a workout with your dog by your side. [TIME]

• This is your body on one can of coke. Hint: It’s not pretty. [Yahoo Health]

• This time tomorrow, I will be on my way to Miami. And I will be bringing this “South Beach Body” workout routine with me, thank you very much. [Q by Equinox]

• In case you were confused: A primer on WTF the buzzword “mindfulness” actually means. Finally! [Greatist]

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