This Is the Easiest Way to Work Out Like an Eagles Player 

Hint: It's probably not what you think.

Photos via Instagram | @PloomePhilly

Photos via Instagram | @PloomePhilly

We doubt Chip Kelly will be writing up an Eagles-themed workout for you anytime soon (he’s a busy guy, after all), so the next best way to copy an Eagles player’s workout routine? Go to the Northern Liberties Pilates and yoga studio Ploome. Really!

We were doing a little Instagram stalking (shameless, we know) when we noticed that a handful of Eagles players — Brent Celek, Jason Kelce, Zach Ertz, Riley Cooper and Connor Barwin — are regular stars in Ploome’s Instagram photos.

This is amazing for a few reasons: One, you can’t help but smile when you see a photo of Connor Barwin on a Pilates apparatus, grinning with a Red Ball squeezed between his calves. And two, it means you can totally hijack the Eagles’ workout style: All it takes is signing up for a class at Ploome. You can check out their schedule here. (Sidenote: As we told you last year, Brent Celek is also a fan of Pure Barre in the off-season, so if that’s more your jam, that’s another option.)

And because we simply couldn’t resist, our five favorite photos of Eagles players getting their Ploome on, below.

We’re head over heels for @bcelek1985 #ploomephilly #gobirds #ploomepeakperformamce

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Nice lines, ya big cheese… #ploomephilly #ploomepeakperformamce #gobirds #frequentploomers cc @connorbarwin98 A photo posted by PloomePhilly (@ploomephilly) on

Nice lines @bcelek1985 and @rileycooper_14 #ploomephilly #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #ploomepeakperformamce

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