Two of Philly’s Biggest Outdoor Yoga Events Aren’t Happening This Year

Wanderlust in the City and Urban Yoga Philly aren't on the books this year.



When we were on the hunt, trying to build up our giant annual guide to outdoor yoga in Philly, we realized that neither Wanderlust in the City — the huge, day-long, outdoor yoga festival that’s prompted yogis from all over the city to flock to the Piazza for the past few years — or Urban Yoga Philly, the super-popular outdoor summer series Lululemon usually hosts, were popping up on our radar. And bad news, folks: That’s because they’re not happening this year.

We reached out to Wanderlust to see why the festival wouldn’t be making its way back to Philly this year and found out they’ve gotten rid of their Wanderlust Yoga in the City festivals and replaced them with a new festival format: Wanderlust 108, a triathlon consisting of a non-competitive 5K, a yoga class, and guided meditation.

So, why the switch? As Kimberly Small, Wanderlust’s director of publicity, told us, their mission is to “help people find their true north and cultivate their best self” and this event allows them to do that better and “surprise and delight in a newly reimagined way.”

Wanderlust 108 is making its way to some cities neighboring cities (D.C., Brooklyn) in the next few months, but a pit-stop here isn’t on the roster this year.

When we reached out to Lululemon to find out whether we could expect to see Urban Yoga Philly somewhere around the city this summer (remember how freakin’ awesome last year’s series at Oxford Mills was?), they told us they won’t be hosting the series this year. And we have to say, we shed a few tears. But the good news is, Grace and Glory will still be hosting outdoor yoga at Oxford Mills this year, and Lululemon will be running their free community classes at DIG Yoga (410 Monroe Street) through July.

So there it is, folks: Two of Philly’s biggest, wallet-friendliest — they were both free! — outdoor yoga shindigs you can forget about penciling into your calendars this year. But before you start sobbing, just know: Be Well Philly has some pretty darn cool fitness stuff in the works for this summer, and it might just ease the heartache you’re feeling now. So, stay tuned.

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