The Checkup: How to Burn a Crazy Amount of Calories With a Kettlebell 

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• A 20-minute kettlebell workout burns a whopping 400 calories. That’s right, four hundred. So, to help you jump on the calorie-burning kettlebell bandwagon, here: seven killer kettlebell exercises that will whip you into tip-top shape. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet, people. Case in point: five DIY Pinterest skin tips experts say are actually awful ideas. [Refinery29]

• The perfect excuse to eat a bite of dark chocolate this afternoon: A new study found dark chocolate increased alertness and attentiveness in participants. [Yahoo Health]

• Biking can be a somewhat scary way of getting around town. After all, accidents do happen — pretty often, too. But if we were to get some raised bike lanes like San Francisco is planning to install, maybe the whole biking next to a vehicle that literally weighs a ton wouldn’t be quite so scary. [CityLab]

• Those organic eggs you just shelled out eight bucks for might not all they’re cracked up to be (see what I did there?), according to a new investigation. Looks like a good chunk of organic farms don’t actually meet organic standards. [Eat Clean]

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