The Checkup: The Nasty Truth About What’s Living on Your Bed Sheets

And more healthy headlines that had us clicking this morning.



• After reading this, you’re going to want to wash your bedding thoroughly before curling up tonight — trust me. [Women’s Health

• Sure, cutting out meat isn’t for you. But you might consider adopting one (or more) of these five healthy vegetarian habits from time to time. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• If you, like me, spent many a middle school science class watching Bill Nye the Science Guy (maybe too many, now that I think about it), you’ll love this Q&A with Nye on, well, a little bit of everything. [Men’s Journal]

• Huh! Here’s why the sound your food makes when you eat it matters — a lot. [TIME]

• Usefulness alert: This guide to cooking with fresh herbs — from recipe ideas to complementary flavors — is ridiculously handy. [HuffPost Taste]

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