Wait—You Can Freeze Eggs? (And 19 Other Surprising Things You Can Freeze)



The freezer can be a scary place—it’s dark and cold, and Lord knows how long stuff has actually been in there. So understandably, many of us stick to keeping our fresh foods in the fridge.

But it turns out, the freezer can be just as great as—and maybe even better than—the fridge when it comes to storing your produce, especially if you’re headed on vacation. Storing stuff in the freezer extends the life of tons of veggies, bread and dairy products, so they’re still fresh when you get home a few weeks, or even months, later.

But despite the freezer’s perks, if you, like me, have no idea how to properly freeze your food, pay attention: Slate has created this super useful video for all of us cursed with freezer fear. The short video is loaded with tricks for freezing everything from eggs to herbs to avocados. Trust me, by the time you’re done watching you’ll be a food-freezing pro. Check out the video below.

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