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19 Spring and Summer CSA Programs in Philadelphia for Farm-Fresh Produce All Season Long

Here in Philly, March is a confusing time weather-wise. But even though it may not always feel like it, spring is coming, and we can’t wait. I mean, […]

misfits food delivery
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This Philly Company Rescues “Ugly” Produce — Then Delivers It to Your Door

The other day, a knock came to the door, and I knew immediately what it was: My first delivery from Misfits Market, a new Philly […]

farmers' markets
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74 Farmers’ Markets Around Philadelphia and South Jersey

One of the many, many perks of warmer weather is the lush and bountiful produce scene. Everything just seems to taste better — probably because […]

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The Checkup: The Common Everyday Lunch Habit You Need to Break

• Research shows that less than 20 percent of us step away from our desks for lunch. The bad news? Despite our best intentions (read: […]

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Get Fresh, Local Produce All Year: 2017 Fall and Winter CSA Programs in Philly

If you missed the boat for a summer community-supported agriculture program (CSA), now’s your chance to get in on the farm-fresh veggie game. In case […]

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It’s Pie Time: Where to Pick Your Own Apples and Pumpkins Near Philadelphia

Welp, that was quick: The weather forecast is telling us that it is fall, people. And what’s not to love about fall? There’s cozy sweaters, […]

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The Quick Trick to Give Berries a Way Longer Shelf Life

There are few happier times of year than berry season, are we right? During mid-to-late summer, markets, produce stands and grocery stores are swimming in […]

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The Checkup: The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Greens 

• Get ready for a college-level lesson on greens, courtesy of this info-packed guide — from key nutrients to tasting notes to what season to shop […]

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Get Fresh, Local Produce All Year: Your 2016 Fall and Winter CSA Guide

If you missed the boat for a summer community-supported agriculture program (CSA), now’s your chance to get in on the farm-fresh veggie game: Believe it or not, […]

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Cool! A Mobile Greenhouse Is Coming to Fishtown’s Riverwards Produce

Living in a city like Philly, touring a greenhouse isn’t a normal weekend activity. But this weekend, Riverwards Produce — the new oh-so-cute (and always […]

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The Checkup: All the Summer Produce You Shouldn’t Store in the Fridge (But Probably Do)

• Every time I come back from the grocery store, my boyfriend and I get into an argument about which produce does and doesn’t go […]

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10 Fall Fruits and Veggies We Can’t Wait to Eat

The summer season gets a lot of love when it comes to produce. It’s the time of year, of course, when you can get strawberries, […]

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Wait—You Can Freeze Eggs? (And 19 Other Surprising Things You Can Freeze)

The freezer can be a scary place—it’s dark and cold, and Lord knows how long stuff has actually been in there. So understandably, many of us […]

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The Checkup: Gasp! You’re Storing Your Produce All Wrong

• You guys, I just learned I’ve been storing my squash all wrong for years. Aghhh! Here, how to properly store just about every fruit and […]