The Checkup: Gasp! You’re Storing Your Produce All Wrong



• You guys, I just learned I’ve been storing my squash all wrong for years. Aghhh! Here, how to properly store just about every fruit and vegetable under the sun. [American Heart Association]

• Break up a day of sitting, sitting and more sitting at your desk with these five office-friendly yoga poses. [Huffington Post]

• Want to PR at your next 5K? Try these speed-enhancing running workouts tailor-made for the 5K distance. [Runner’s World]

• If your gym shoes are smelling a bit funky as of late, chances are your feet are, too. But no worries, there are plenty of solutions: six ways to cure stinky feet, right this way. [Men’s Health]

• Who says McDonald’s is the only place you can get a happy meal? These 10 healthy foods are scientifically proven to boost your mood. [Prevention]

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