7 Healthy-Eating Philly Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow Now

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There’s no doubt about it: healthy eating is the bomb. It’s good for your your body, your brain—it can even up your Instagram following if you style it correctly. The only problem is, without a bazillion and one sources of inspiration, coming up with healthy recipe ideas can be tough. And after a long, draining day of working/watching cat videos on YouTube/twisting yourself into a pretzel during hot yoga–or whatever it is that you do during the day—the last thing you want to do is rack your brain for a healthy dinner idea, right?

We’re totally with you. So to make sure none of us ever has to think of a healthy dinner recipe again, we’ve scoured the depths of Pinterest to find the most amazing healthy-eating recipe boards our fellow Philadelphians have to offer (aside from ours, of course!). Here, seven totally drool-inducing Pinterest boards overflowing with years—maybe even decades!—worth of healthy recipes and inspiration. Happy cooking, friends!

(Warning: Pinterest is like Pringles—once you start, you canNOT stop. Case in point: I spent an entire two days this week just looking at Pinterest boards. You’ve been warned.)

Chili Orange Veggie Bowl Pinned by With Food + Love

Chili Orange Veggie Bowl pinned by With Food + Love // Veggie Eats

This Pinterest board is every veggie lover’s dream come true: You’ll find tons of colorful, veggie-filled cooking inspiration, from drool-worthy Ginger Soy Glazed Parsnips (Who knew parsnips even had the potential to be drool-worthy?) to Maple and Sriracha Brussels Sprouts to 30-Minute Sweet Potato and Kale Coconut Curry. Seriously, here lies months worth of cooking inspiration—have at it!

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 Raw Vegan Goat “Cheese” Dip pinned by The Urban Vegan // Plant-Based Yumminess

If you are a diehard vegan who just can’t help but miss those cheese and seafood-filled days of the past, then you’ve got to visit this board. Here, you’ll find the vegan version of all of your favorite non-vegan treats: Mac n’ Cheese, vegan goat “cheese” dip, vegan scallops in a white wine cream sauce over pasta (!!!) and more.

Morrocan Chicken Pinned by Crossfit 2 St.

Paleo Moroccan Chicken pinned by CrossFit 2 St. // Nutrition

If you like to keep your diet strictly Paleo, then this Pinterest board is for you. This Philly gym pins tons of healthy recipes on the reg, and most of them are of the Paleo persuasion. And in case you weren’t already convinced you needed to run and follow this board, stat, here’s one more reason: Pepperoni Pizza Cauliflower Casserole is a thing, and they have the recipe.

Smoky Butternut Squash Mac n' Cheese Pinned by Allyson Kramer

Smoky Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese pinned by Allyson Kramer of Manifest Vegan // Manifest Vegan

Gluten-free foodies, rejoice! On this food-porn filled Pinterest board, you will find over 100 of Allyson Kramer’s gluten-free, vegan recipes from her Philly-based food blog, Manifest Vegan. And even if you aren’t vegan, this Pinterest board is a great spot to pick up gluten-free cooking tricks. Now, the only question is, which recipe will you make first? The Peanut Butter Brownie Cookies or the Smoky Butternut Mac n Cheese?

Vegan Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches Pinned by Free People

Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches pinned by Free People //  Gather

This seemingly endless Pinterest board is kind of like a Free People store: You could easily spend all day looking around it. Packed with tons of healthy and beautifully photographed recipes—some from around the web, some from the Free People blog—this board is feast for your eyes and an arsenal of inspiration for your kitchen.

Cashew-less Vegan Queso Dip Pinned by Meredith Ryan Osifchin

 Cashew-less Vegan Queso Dip pinned by Meredith Ryan Osifchin // Vegan Recipes!

This very lengthy board is home to over 1,000 vegan recipes from around the web and you are bound to stumble upon some surprising treats. While perusing these mouth-watering eats, I came across a cashew-less vegan queso dip made with—wait for it—eggplant! Genius, right?!

Portobello Frites Pinned by Miss Rachel's Pantry

Portobello Frites pinned by Miss Rachel’s Pantry // Vegan Deliciousness

Here, you will find recipes for all sorts of lovely vegan treats pinned by the local catering company and restaurant: You’ll find out how to make dairy-free cultured “cream cheese”, you’ll salivate over the prospect of Raw Strawberry Soup and you’ll immediately run to the store to get all the ingredients required to put together the perfect vegan pie dough.

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