The Checkup: The Only Salad You’ll Want to Eat This Summer



• Um, guys? This watermelon jalapeño salad is everything. (By “everything,” I mean the perfect amalgam of spicy, sweet, delicious goodness.) [Refinery 29]

• When you’re in a snack-related pinch (this is normal, right?) and you need something crunchy STAT, kale chips are always a solid option. Here, five brands go head-to-head in a taste test. [Food Network]

• The next time you want to do a one-day detox, consult this first. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Since we spilled the beans on Twinkie-like yogurts yesterday, we thought it only fair to show you five drinks with as much sugar as a brownie. [Women’s Health]

• Think you know everything about good and bad fats? Think again. [Real Simple]

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