13 Ways to Spruce Up Your Guacamole



I am the person everyone hates. You know, that person who has already shoveled two-thirds of the guacamole “for the table” onto their plate before anyone else at the table has even noticed its arrival. It’s not my fault though: I can’t help myself. I am a guacamole addict, plain and simple, and my addiction knows no limits. For example, on National Margarita Day, I forced my boyfriend to go on a Mexican-restaurant tour of Philadelphia and, over the course of the day, we ordered three guacamole appetizers. And I ate Every. Last. Bite. I consumed at least nine avocados that day.

I’m not proud. Just honest.

So while some might call me That Gross Guacamole-Loving Girl, you should just consider me a guacamole expert. Here’s what I can tell you: Everything tastes good in guacamole—corn, mango, blue cheese, pistachios, kale. EVERYTHING. So, why stick to boring ol’ tomatoes, jalapeños and garlic? No more, my friends: Here are 13 fun guacamole recipes to try this summer. I promise, you’ll never look back.

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