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Cinco de Mayo


From Puebla With Love: 5 Mexican Dishes You Must Try in Philly

Here at Foobooz, we have some thoughts about food and Cinco de Mayo. Given that we believe in celebrating and enjoying Mexican cuisine year-round and as […]


How You Should Actually Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Philly

Like many holidays born outside of our country, Cinco de Mayo’s “thing” got lost in translation once it crossed the border. Somehow, what started as […]

el carnaval de puebla
City Life

Philly’s Largest Cinco de Mayo Festival Canceled Over Fear of ICE Raids

The organizers of the biggest Cinco de Mayo festival in Philadelphia have canceled the event this year, citing concerns stemming from immigration reform under President […]


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with These Food and Drink Specials

As if there aren’t enough things going on this week for the Craft Brewers Conference, we can’t forget about Cinco de Mayo—so we pulled together a list […]


Vegan Commissary Expands Hours

Due to popular demand, Vegan Commissary is expanding its hours. The restaurant used to only be open on weekends from 10am-4pm, but starting on May 1 […]


Cinco de Mayo Roundup: Where to Eat and Drink as the 5th of May Approaches

With Cinco de Mayo just a week away, we over at Foobooz Headquarters decided we could no longer put off going through the folder we […]

Be Well Philly

13 Ways to Spruce Up Your Guacamole

I am the person everyone hates. You know, that person who has already shoveled two-thirds of the guacamole “for the table” onto their plate before […]


Cinco de Mayo Happenings

Happy Cinco de Mayo. The day where it seems every bar makes some tenuous connection with being Mexican. Even if they’re normally Japanese or Irish. […]


Celebrate Mexican Independence Day Today

Too many people think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day but it is actually today, September 16th. And thankfully several Mexican bars and […]


Cinco de Mayo: For The Glory of General Ignacio Zaragoza

Compiling this guide to Cinco de Mayo events has really got us hankering for a margarita or three four. Where we go, well we still […]


Vietnames Le Viet Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Vietnamese Tacos

  The cultural flair of Vietnam and Mexico collide at South Philadelphia’s Le Viet. Le Viet, known for its traditional Vietnamese food, is offering a […]


Cinco de Mayo at El Vez

“The most fun restaurant in town” is throwing a party. That can only be a great time, right? This’ll be year two for 13th Street […]


Our Cinco de Mayo Guide

Many erroneously believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. It isn’t, that’s September 16th. Cinco de Mayo on the other hand commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely […]


Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow is the 148th anniversary of the Mexican victory at the battle of Puebla. We’re sure you are looking to celebrate the momentous event so […]


For The Glory of General Ignacio Zaragoza

Yes, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, America’s trendiest reason to get drunk. Luckily there are some classier ways to do so. Check out some of […]