Your Sweatiest Lunch Break Ever: 5 Fun Midday Classes to Try


I have a confession to make: I spend most of my workdays glued to my desk chair. But when I have time to sneak in a midday workout, I jump at the opportunity — and so should you: Research shows that lunch-hour workouts boost productivity, turbocharge energy, and can even improve brain function.

This month, let’s steal away from our desks for an hour each week to fit in some fitness. Here are five terrific lunch-hour classes — one for every day of the workweek — to get you started. Each studio has shower facilities, making your post-workout cleanup routine a cinch. I promise: Your boss will never know you left.

MONDAY: P90x Remix at the Gravity Center, Horsham
You’ll barely stop to catch your breath during this 30-minute express workout based on Tony Horton’s über-popular DVDs. Trainer Jewel Kessler crams in exercises that focus on power, endurance, flexibility and core strength. Classes are capped at 10 students and always feature different workouts. $14.

TUESDAY: Hour of Power at Anjali Power Yoga, Westmont
Love to sweat? You’ll be dripping — and then some — after this one-hour power yoga class. The vinyasa sequences move quickly to give you the best burn, and some incorporate extra core work as a sweet bonus. $15.

WEDNESDAY: Spinning 45 at Focus Fitness Main Line, Bryn Mawr
Grab a pair of padded bike shorts and prepare to pedal. This high-energy spin class is the perfect cardio alternative to your tired treadmill routine. The killer playlist will keep you motivated, and your post-spin glow will ward off the 3 p.m. slump. $18.

THURSDAY: Core at Amrita Yoga & Wellness, Fishtown
This class isn’t a total sweat-fest, but don’t discount it: You will work hard. With moves borrowed from
Iyengar yoga and Pilates, the primary focus is on your midsection. Occasionally students hop on the Yoga Wall — resistance bands anchored to a wall that allow you to use gravity for an even deeper stretch. $13.

FRIDAY: Pilates Mid-Day Escape at Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates, Rittenhouse
You’ll hit the mat at this 45-minute class for head-to-toe toning. It’s taught by former dancer Lauren Kelly, who helps you master and refine the Pilates moves for a leaner you, faster. $18.

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