How to Make Vegan Scrapple (Well, Something Sort of Like Scrapple, Anyway)

sweet potatoesI’m smelling a trend here, guys. tipped us off earlier this month about a West Chester-made vegan scrapple now being sold at area Weavers Way Co-ops. And last week, local dietician Katie Cavuto posted a recipe for a make-it-yourself vegan scrapple, made with sweet potatoes, butternut squash and curry powder. See? Trend.

I know what you’re thinking: There is no way in Hades scrapple made with sweet potatoes and butternut squash tastes anything like the real deal. Because if there’s one thing we can all agree on about scrapple, the Pennsylvania Dutch creation typically made with pork (and pork scraps) mixed with spices, it’s that it’s definitely more salty than sweet. Or, as my scrapple-obsessed best friend puts it, “Scrapple is crispy on the outside but sort of soft on the inside and is deliciously seasoned in a savory way.”

So, yes, Cavuto is taking some liberties with the name here, the “scrapple” sentiment most likely coming from the root-vegetable mash and smattering of spices used in the recipe. But I’ll give it to her, because I love sweet potatoes and I love butternut squash. And, honestly, I really don’t like pork scrapple—like, at all—so this riff is way more up my alley.

Get the recipe here.

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