The Checkup: 52 Killer Recipes for 12-Minute Meals



• Whoever said home cooking has to take hours should take a look at these recipes for 52 meals you can make in 12 minutes or less. And then that person should just go shove it. [Greatist]

• And I thought grocery delivery from Whole Foods was cool: There’s apparently a grocery store in Austin, Texas, where shoppers bring their own containers because almost every item in the store (vinegar, beans, pasta, etc.) is sold package free. Win one for the environment. [Prevention]

• This one exercise promises to undo the damage done to your body after hours of slouching at your desk. Yes, please. [Men’s Health]

• So stinkin’ cool: what yoga looks like from inside your body, with the help of an X-ray machine. [Yoga Dork]

• Smart: 15 things to expect when going Paleo. (#7: “A lot of people will think you’ve gone crazy”) [Fit Bottomed Girls]

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