The Checkup: Let’s Prancercise, People

This is real, and it's spectacular.

• Ready to Prancercise? All you have to do is strap on some ankle weights, button up your prettiest cardigan, throw caution to the wind of public shame and prance like a dressage horse down the sidewalk. Click through to watch an Ah.Maze.Ing video of Prancercise creator Joanna Rohrback demoing her fitness routine. Now, who wants to meet me at Rittenhouse at lunch for some Prancercise? Anyone? [NY Mag]

• Well, I’ll be: One in five Americans goes to the ER each year, most due to injuries. Does that seem kinda high to anyone else? [HealthDay]

• In not-so-shocking news, Kellogg has settled a suit brought by angry parents who felt duped by the cereal-maker’s claims that its Frosted Mini Wheats cereal would significantly improve their kids’ attentiveness at school. You’re entitled to a $15 rebate from the company if you also feel you got fleeced. [NPR]

• Woohoo! Google is adding nutrition information to its search features so you can more easily look up nutrition data for food and drinks. [Blisstree]

• Now, this is useful: how to keep your gym bag from stinking after a workout. [Runner’s World]