The Checkup: Lose Weight While Eating More with This Diet

Say goodbye to calories counting with celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman's new solution for dieting.

• Here’s an awesome idea: If your diet is made up of whole, healthy, nutritious foods, you can stop focusing on eating too much, kiss calorie counting goodbye, and just enjoy your food. “The weight will come off naturally,” nutritionist Keri Glassman tells Well + Good NYC. It’s one of the rules of Glassman’s new diet, which isn’t so much a diet in the traditional sense—watch portions, restrict calories, etc.—but a sensible new approach to eating healthfully. In her new book, The New You (and Improved!) Diet, she outlines eight rules to reforming your eating habits. The idea is that by focusing on what you can eat—and pretty much eating high-antioxidant, low-sugar, and high-fiber foods to your heart’s content—weight loss just … follows suit. I think I’m loving this. Check out Glassman’s interview with Well + Good here, and read more about her book here.

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