The Checkup: Do Cell Phones Cause ADHD?

A new study out of Yale found a connection between cell phone radiation and ADHD-like behaviors in mice.

• Let’s be frank up front: The science on cell phones and their possible health effects is murky. One day researchers are telling you your phone can cause cancer, and the next they say it isn’t a threat. So perhaps you should take the following with just the tiniest grain of salt, but here goes: Researchers at Yale conducted experiments on pregnant lab mice, in which the mice (and, in turn, their fetuses) were exposed to radiation from cell phones. Once the baby mice became adults, their brain waves were measured and they went through a series of psychological and behavioral tests. Researchers found that the ones who were exposed to active, on-a-call cell phones for the duration of the trial were more hyperactive and had reduced memory capacity than their peers who had deactivated cell phones near their cages. So does that mean pregnant women should steer clear of cell phones while their babies are cooking? The lead researcher in the study says limiting exposure to cell phones seems wise, though he admits that further tests in humans are needed. Would you be able to put down your cell phone for nine months? Do you think the precaution is necessary?

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