Mary Clare Fischer

Health & Wellness Editor

Sleep less
Be Well Philly

Do You Need to Sleep Less to Be Successful?

We asked a Jefferson Health expert.

Be Well Philly

Celebrate Your Feminine Side at This Early-Morning Dance and Yoga Party

Daybreaker’s monthly shindig is this Friday at the Foundry.

barre session
Be Well Philly

Barre Classes and Skincare Treatments Get This Fashionista Through the Week

This week’s Sweat Diaries peeks into the life of Fox29 style director Alisa Frederico.

Eagles leggings
Be Well Philly

Philly’s New Athleisure Brand Includes These Eagles Leggings

Active Elixir is the brainchild of local acro yoga star Rob Li.

Unconventional Wellness Festival
Be Well Philly

This Wellness Festival Just Dropped Its Prices to $10

Check out the Unconventional Wellness Festival for less than you’d spend at happy hour.

trader joe's everything but the bagel
Be Well Philly

11 Trader Joe’s Gems on Amazon

You don’t even have to go to the store to get these goodies.

faith transformation
Be Well Philly

Reconnecting With God Helped This Blogger Recover From an Eating Disorder

Now the Chester County native has founded a workout program that combines elements of fitness and faith.

Be Well Philly

Announcing the New Be Well Philly Membership

We’re giving members a free class at a select local fitness studio each month.

outdoor gear
Be Well Philly

Here’s Where You Can Buy All Your Outdoor Gear for Cheap

Discount retailer Sierra opened two new Philly-area locations on Saturday.

greens and grains
Be Well Philly

The Grain Bowls at This New Vegan Chain Should Not Be This Delicious

Greens and Grains just expanded from New Jersey to Philly.

meditate sweat diaries
Be Well Philly

This Virtual Fitness Coach Journals or Meditates Every Night

For Serena Scanzillo, mental downtime is as important as physical movement.

lap swimming
Be Well Philly

Center City Is Getting an Indoor Pool

Fitness Alive’s second location comes with lap-swimming memberships.

train and nourish
Be Well Philly

A Private, Women’s-Only Gym Is Opening in East Passyunk

Train and Nourish moves into its own space.

women transformation
Be Well Philly

Here’s the Advice Philly Fitness Instructors Wish They Could Give Their Younger Selves

For this International Women’s Day–themed Transformation story, we asked some Philly women to reflect.

wegmans cheaper
Be Well Philly

Is Giant Heirloom Market or Wegmans Cheaper than Sprouts and Trader Joe’s?

We investigated.