This Year at Phillies Games at Citizens Bank Park: More Macrobrews

You couldn't do this pose at the Phillies' exhibition game late last month.

You couldn’t do this pose at the Phillies’ exhibition game late last month.

Did you enjoy an Anchor Steam at the ballpark last year? Or how about a nice 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon? Well, you might be out of luck this season: According to the first draft of Lee Porter’s 2014 Citizens Bank Park Brew Locator, they weren’t available at the ballpark during the exhibition game played last month.

In their place: More beers owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest brewer in the world. I hope you like Goose Island’s beers, because they’re literally all over the freaking ballpark now.

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Citizens Bank Park: A Decade in the Stadium We Didn’t Want


Out at home? CBP attendance dropped last season. Photograph: Aero-Imaging, Inc./Newscom

The first 10 years of Citizens Bank Park, I think we can all agree, have been pretty great. Five division titles. Eight winning seasons. One magical night in October 2008. Many fans will claim 11th and Pattison as hallowed ground long after global warming turns it into a beach.

But do you remember when the decision to build in South Philly seemed like not just a defeat — but a complete failure of civic imagination? In the early days of the debate on replacing Veterans Stadium, folks were hot for a Camden Yards-style retro park smack-dab in the middle of downtown. Fans whimsically debated putting a new park at the old Schmidt’s brewery, near 30th Street Station, even on the waterfront. Politicians talked more realistically about two locations: North Broad at Spring Garden, and in Chinatown at 12th and Vine.

But each proposed site was eventually sunk by some combination of community or political NIMBYism and logistical or infrastructural clusterfuckery. So the new stadium arose in the shadow of the old one, in the expanse of parking lots and nothingness we call, as if it were an affliction, the “sports complex.”

When the Phils were the best team in town, it didn’t much matter where their stadium was. But last year, attendance dropped by half a million fans. And we may face another dismal August in South Philly. It’s worth asking: Did we blow it?

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Billy Joel to Play Citizens Bank Park on August 2

Billy Joel

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Live Nation announced today that, while the Phillies are in D.C. playing the Nationals, Billy Joel will perform at Citizens Bank Park on August 2.

Yes, that’s right: After signing a bunch of veterans this offseason, even the musicians the Phillies are signing to play at their stadium are old. (Compare this with the up-and-coming Eagles, who have One Direction playing Lincoln Financial Field this summer.)

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Federal Donuts, Local Beer and More from Citizens Bank Park

Federal Donuts Fried Chicken has arrived at Citizens Bank Park.

Federal Donuts Fried Chicken has arrived at Citizens Bank Park.

Friday I went to Citizens Bank Park to see first-hand how the new Federal Donuts stand would fare as well as to check out the new Alley Brewing Co. on Ashburn Alley.

Being that they are Federal Donuts, the stand did indeed sell out. The fried chicken lasted just as long as Kyle Kendrick, both bowing out after 5 and 2/3rd innings or just short of two hours after first pitch. The whole Federal Donuts brain trust was on hand to oversee the operation. Thomas Henneman told us that the first two on-deck series games were vital in working out the kinks. But some hiccups remained, there were problems with the doughnut batter, the Citizens Bank Park doughnuts were much puffier than those found at the other locations. Henneman wasn’t entirely pleased with the fried chicken either. But as Bob Logue pointed out. Friday was leaps and bounds above where they were a week before and would continue to improve (and of course have enough chicken to last an entire game).

The Citizens Bank Park location of Federal Donuts offers two varieties of fried chicken; chili-garlic glazed and naked. The two-piece chicken box with honey dipped doughnut is $9.75. A two pack of brown sugar and cinnamon dusted doughnuts are $3.75.

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Federal Donuts Officially Headed to Citizens Bank Park


Today, Aramark, the Phillies and Federal Donuts made it official, hot donuts and fried chicken will be available at Citizens Bank Park this year. Aramark employees are currently working at the two other Federal Donuts locations, making sure they have the twice-fried chicken down pat before opening day. As the Federal Donuts team said, they don’t want to dumb down the chicken for the ballpark. Three types of chicken, a glazed, naked and still to be finalized custom dry blend will be available at the Fednuts stand in left field. Hot donuts (no fancies) will also be on the menu. Expect some familiar flavors plus a unique taste, made exclusively for the ballpark. Steve Cook and company are confident they’ll be able to meet the demand.

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Federal Donuts Is Opening at Citizens Bank Park


Federal Donuts is planning to open a stand at Citizens Bank Park. So says the Passyunk Post, which reports a Federal Donuts stand will take up residence in the left field plaza.

Citizens Bank Park has won national attention repeatedly for its excellent and varied offerings. The ballpark has won national awards for its vegan and gluten-free options. It is also received praise for the amount of local craft beer offered.

We can’t imagine what lines for Federal Donuts would look like for for fried chicken at Citizens Bank Park but maybe it would shorten the lines for Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries.

Federal Donuts opening stand at Citizens Bank Park [Passyunk Post]

Ballpark Eats with Kevin Sbraga

As a Best of Philly challenge, Top Chef Kevin Sbraga and Philadelphia Magazine’s John Gonzalez ate their way through Citizen Bank Park’s many eateries. After eating more than two people should ever eat within nine innings, Sbraga and Gonzalez found that when the Phillies aren’t doing so hot, fans can at least chow down on some quality ballpark classics.

The food comes in a rush, a torrent of pork sandwiches and french fries, hot dogs and hoagies, a flood of questionable gastronomy that threatens to drown us. It’s impossible to decide where to begin. Sbraga reaches for the Bull’s pulled-pork sandwich. He’s the expert here, like Carlos Ruiz calling for a first-pitch fastball. Sbraga declares that the pork is “bangin’,” but adds that he wishes “there was something a little different with the roll.” Too dry. I’m too busy getting barbecue sauce all over my face and shirt to notice.

Ballpark Eats with Kevin Sbraga [Philadelphia Magazine]

Philadelphia Ties in the Latest Lucky Peach

Issue 4 of Lucky Peach is now on newsstands and there are a couple of local connections within David Chang’s quarterly journal of food and writing. Tom Lax profiles the Schmitter for a foodie audience. The Schmitter of course is a combination of cheese, steak, grilled salami, tomatoes, fried onions and special sauce served on a kaiser roll. It’s the sandwich of record at McNally’s in Chestnut Hill, and can also be found at Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. Hawk Krall who seems to be everywhere right now also has an illustration featured in the magazine. Look for the American Food Issue of Lucky Peach at Barnes and Noble or do what we did and pick up a copy at Cook.

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