Paul McCartney to Play Citizens Bank Park This Summer

McCartney plays Citizens Bank Park on July 12th. The Phillies will host a Beatles night on August 16th, 50 years since the Beatles’ concert at JFK Stadium.

Last night at the Phillies game, the team kept playing Paul McCartney songs. “Back in the USSR,” “Band on the Run”, “Day Tripper”, “Drive My Car.” And that was just in the first two innings. We had to search Twitter to make sure Paul McCartney hadn’t died and this was a tribute.

Fortunately, Sir Paul McCartney is still alive. But the playlist at the game last night was intentional: Today, the Phillies and McCartney announced he will play Citizens Bank Park on July 12th.

2016 makes 50 years since the Beatles’ final commercial tour, which hit JFK Stadium on August 16th. Though the tour was controversial at the time, largely due to John Lennon’s “more popular than Jesus” comments being reprinted in the U.S., it’s fondly remembered today.

As part of a commemoration of that tour, the Phillies will host The Beatles Night at the Ballpark on August 16th. The first 1,500 fans who buy tickets will get a coupon for a Beatles at JFK stadium fleece blanket.

McCartney will also play Hersheypark Stadium a week after the Philly show, on July 19th. Tickets for both shows can be purchased early on Ticketmaster starting at 8 a.m. on April 18th using the promo code 1ON1WITHPAUL. Tickets officially go on sale April 22nd at 10 a.m.