I Love My Job: Chuck Peruto

Chuck Peruto, 62, and girlfriend Lindsey Glasgow, 29.

In this week’s edition of I Love My Job, we talk to high-profile Philly lawyer Chuck Peruto, who has defended deranged murderers, mafioso-types, and certain high-profile marijuana enthusiasts. Peruto has his critics, but one thing’s for sure: he’s a true Philly character.

My full name is… Angelo Carlo Peruto, Jr. My family is from Abbruzze.

I grew up in… Overbrook at 64th and Jefferson, which I wouldn’t trade for the world. It was a tough neighborhood but still friendly at the same time. Very close-knit. We all knew each other, all the kids played together, there was a lot of car-pooling for church and sports and school.

My very first job was… when I was 14. I stayed with a friend and cleaned fishing boats at Andy’s Marina in Margate.

My worst subject in high school was… any kind of math. Why do we need this stuff? is what I always wanted to know, and I have never needed any of it. I used my aunt’s address to go to Haverford High, because Overbook was really getting tough at that time. Then I went to St. Joe’s and Widener Law. I guess I’m still on Temple’s waiting list. I got the waiting list letter and never heard anything since.

These days, I live in… Rittenhouse Square and Avalon. Read more »

NA Poe Hires Chuck Peruto, Who Says Poe Was “Face, Not Brains” of Pot Party

Left: Criminal defense attorney Chuck Peruto in a publicity photo. Right: NA Poe aka Richard Tamaccio in his Philadelphia Police Department mugshot.

Left: Criminal defense attorney Chuck Peruto in a publicity photo. Right: NA Poe, aka Richard Tamaccio, in his Philadelphia Police Department mugshot.

Well, the case surrounding NA Poe‘s raided pot party just got a little more interesting. Poe, whose real name is Richard Tamaccio, has retained Chuck Peruto, Philly’s highest-profile criminal defense attorney, best known for his representation of deranged killer Gary Heidnik, folks like Joey Merlino, and that guy who improbably found $1.2 million on the street. We spoke with Peruto to find out how he plans to get Poe off the hook. Read more »

Santander Bank Sues Chuck Peruto Over His Hilarious Anti-Santander Billboard

Man-about-town Chuck Peruto on the scene with some prominent pals. (Photo by HughE Dillon)

Man-about-town Chuck Peruto on the scene with some prominent pals. (Photo by HughE Dillon)

Rittenhouse Square attorney Chuck Peruto is best known for his exceptional tan, his relationships with beautiful young women and, oh yeah, for defending some of Philadelphia’s most notorious criminals, from reputed mobster Joey Merlino to bona fide madman Gary Heidnik. But now, Peruto finds himself in need of a good defense — albeit a civil defense — after Santander Bank sued him in federal court earlier this week. Read more »

The Six Degrees Game of Love, Philly Celebrity Edition

Ever notice how for the bold-faced and famous here, Philadelphia’s social scene resembles a high school? The dating pool is shallow, everyone knows everyone else, and a stroll down the hall (or around Rittenhouse Square) can lead to a memory-lane disaster. Maybe that’s why A-list magnet Roseanne Martin’s latest well-to-do beau is an out-of-towner. Smart move, girlfriend — and a departure for Martin and others whose love connections are local, notable and, like, totes complicated.
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Seth Williams May Sue Chuck Peruto

When a grand jury announced there would be no prosecutions in the death of his girlfriend, defense attorney Chuck Peruto took square aim at District Attorney Seth Williams, calling the prosecutor a “fat prick.” Looks like the war isn’t going to end there.

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