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North Bowl

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Hey, You Wanna Celebrate Bill Murray’s Birthday?


Okay, so here’s the thing. We’re not saying that Bill Murray is definitely going to show up tonight at North Bowl, where they’re throwing a party to celebrate the birthday of the greatest actor ever. But what we are saying is that Bill Murray has been known, on occasion, to just show up in places where you wouldn’t expect him to. Like at random frat parties, or minor league baseball games, or karaoke parties. And you know the LEAST likely place for Bill Murray to be tonight? At North Bowl, where they’re throwing him a birthday party, starting at 9pm, with $2 bowling, $2 shoe rental, $2 tater tots, $2 beers, special pricing on food and whiskey sours and Bill Murray movies showing on the lanes.

So, you know, we’re just saying that’s one of the places where Bill Murray would never show up. Which, in the twisted world of Bill Murray, makes it a distinct (though unlikely) possibility that he’ll totally show up behind the shoe rental counter to work the full shift, do a few dishes, then disappear into the night like the inexplicable creature he is.

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North Bowl’s Second Annual Tot Chef Competition Is Coming

Blow-torched s'mores tots at last year's competition.

Blow-torched s’mores tots at last year’s competition.

Like their french fried cousin, tater tots are the ultimate comfort food. Little did we know, however, that tots are also the base around which creativity can flourish. Yes, if you can make a crispy-yet-fluffy tot, you may be able to take a burger to perfection. But why not let tots take center stage some of the time?

North Bowl gets it, which is why they are hosting their 2nd Annual Tot Chef Competition on Saturday August 1st. Think you can make a great tot? Now’s the time to prove it.

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North Bowl Teases Us With Instagram Pics of South Bowl

South Bowl site as of August 2014, via Google Street View

South Bowl site as of August 2014, via Google Street View

Hey you, remember around two years ago when North Bowl said they were going to be opening an enormous sister bowling center 19 East Oregon Avenue? Unless you live down in Pennsport/Whitman, frequent Tony Luke’s or commute on I-95, chances are good that you forgot about it.

Well, consider yourself shaken from your bowling slumber: North Bowl and South Bowl just posted some fine interior shots of the project on Instagram. Let’s just say that they’re the type of pictures that get us all kinds of giddy inside.

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