Watch the Gross-out Movie Antibirth With Director Danny Perez

The Philly-based filmmaker will be answering your questions at I-House.

Director Danny Perez, who used to live in Philly, will be at a special screening of his feature debut, Antibirth, hopefully to provide comfort. International House is showing the gory film, starring Natasha Lyonne and Chloë Sevigny, on Saturday, September 3rd, followed by a Q&A with Perez — if you can make it through the movie.

It’s touted in the trailer as “epically f—ed up,” courtesy of a review in The Guardian, and Geekadelphia describes it, somewhat more poetically, as a “cinematic concoction that somehow blends body horror, alien invasion paranoia and creepy kid’s mascots into a nightmarish vision of rural dystopian life.” As for the plot: Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) plays a hard partier who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant after a wild night she can’t quite remember. But this is a gross-out body horror thriller, and she doesn’t seem to be carrying a human baby. Sevigny (Big Love, American Horror Story) is the best friend.

Antibirth, which premiered at Sundance as one of the Midnight selections, opens in a few markets, not including Philly, and via Video on Demand on Friday. If my fear of this film didn’t deter you, get tickets to the International House screening and Q&A with Perez, who wrote the movie in addition to directing, here.

The trailer is disturbing, obviously.

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