10 Strange Rocky Items You Can Buy on Etsy

Because, admit it: You've always wanted a pair of Rocky earrings.

With Creed fever in high gear, there are quite a few companies who are throwing their hats in the ring selling movie merchandise to celebrate all things Rocky. However, if mass-marketed and mass-produced products are not to your liking, there’s plenty of Rocky-themed items available on everyone’s favorite homemade marketplace, Etsy.

Here, 10 of the strangest pieces of Rocky memorabilia I found on the site that may make you scream something other than “Adriaaaaaan!”

Contorted-Face Printable Drawing

Rocky Planter (aka a tin flower pot with a Rocky sticker slapped on it)

“Vintage” Prism Sticker (that someone is charging $18 for)

Cocky Balboa “Featherweight” Painting

Black Leather “Rocky Movie Hat” (why does this seem so creepy?)

Rocky Shower Curtain With a Random Dog on It

Collage Mirror (with a little space for your face)

“Adriaaaaaaaaaaan” Button

Rocky and Adrian Earrings

Inspirational Sampler