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Things to Do

10 Strange Rocky Items You Can Buy on Etsy

With Creed fever in high gear, there are quite a few companies who are throwing their hats in the ring selling movie merchandise to celebrate all things […]

City Life

This May Be the Biggest Etsy Fail Ever

Alright, be honest: When you look at the picture above, what do you see? A “Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow” cookie cutter, […]

Things to Do

These Vintage Rocky Puppets Are Terrifying

I happened to stumble upon a set of Rocky and Mr. T boxing puppets that were for sale on Etsy, and, oh boy, talk about nightmare […]

City Life

This is the World’s Worst Men’s Bathing Suit

Last summer, I wrote about the really disturbing trend in men’s swimwear: a half-thong “thing” that seemed to be burning up some of the hottest pools […]


Noooo, Snooki Just Opened An Etsy Store

Let me preface this post by stating that I *gulp* like Snooki. Sure, she wears furry animals on her feet and owns enough leopard print to clothe […]


15 Most Beautiful Finds on Etsy

Etsy is basically a black hole. The online marketplace features more than 30 million buyers and sellers from all over the world. Some of the stuff is crap—laughably […]

Things to Do

BUY THIS: Local Bird Mobile Designer Branches Out to Hipstakatz

Philadelphia artist Michael Fulkerson was teaching sewing classes at a now-shuttered fabric store.  The project?  Make your own cat toys. Little did he know that […]


Afternoon Obsession: LOVE Park Duvet with Philly Skyline

Lovely as they may be, skyline prints can be a little cliché. At least that’s what we thought before stumbling onto an Etsy gem that […]