15 Most Beautiful Finds on Etsy

We scoured the site for the most gorgeous pieces you need now.


Handmade goes high-end on Etsy. All images via Etsy.

Etsy is basically a black hole. The online marketplace features more than 30 million buyers and sellers from all over the world. Some of the stuff is crap—laughably awful creations that spurred a spin-off site aptly named Regretsy (that site has sadly been shut down). But if you have time and patience to sift through soap that looks like glazed donuts and flip-flop wreaths, you can find some extraordinary pieces by supremely talented designers, metalsmiths and vintage collectors.

I’ve curated some of the best finds on the site now, including a dress so gorgeous I recommend you wear it to all your fancy functions; a painterly skirt by a Moscow-based fashion studio that has Anthro written all over it (you hear that, guys?), the best white button-up I’ve ever seen, and jewelry that I have tacked onto all of my wish lists.

Happy shopping.


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