WATCH: Philly Breakdancing Family Perform on SEPTA

Philly videographer Cory Popp has put together a new video that chronicles an afternoon in the life of the Crowd Pleaserz, a local family that puts on breakdancing shows on SEPTA trains and in the subway stations. He tells the story behind how he met them and how the video came to be:

I met Aaron and his kids when they got off the subway near my house. My wife pointed them out to me and said, “that’s Crowd Pleaserz, the family that breakdances together on the subway.” I ran down the street to ask if I could interview them for a story, and the next day I joined them for two and a half hours going up and down Broad Street on Septa’s Orange Line.

What I want people to see is how happy these children are; happy to have an audience, happy to express themselves creatively & especially happy to spend hours each day with their father, brothers and uncle. They are incredibly talented, the youngest, bboy fun-size is only 4 years old and can dance better than anyone I know, on a moving train going 60 miles an hour.

The film is entertaining and heartwarming all at once. One of the grownups chats about how they’re using these breakdancing adventures to inspire the younger boys to always strive to be their best “If you see your child doing something positive and they love doing it, inspire them to do better,” he says. “They’re going to take that inspiration or thing that you said to them and take it to the next level.”

That’s a lesson I think we can all get behind, huh? Check out the video above, and some clips from the video below. Each still can be purchased and framed via Popp’s Etsy shop.