Dove Agrees That New Jersey is the Armpit of America

new jersey dove armpit

This is Dove’s funny new advertisement that’s popping up around New Jersey, which pretty much just calls it like we’ve known it all along.

“Dear New Jersey. When people call you ‘The Armpit of America,’ take it as a compliment.”

Hilarious, but is Dove’s new pro-pits campaign going to raise a stink in the Garden State?

Matthew McCarthy, the senior marketing director of antiperspirants and deodorants at Unilever, which owns Dove and is based in New Jersey, tells the New York Times it shouldn’t:

“I don’t expect that there will be a lot of people who misunderstand, but to the degree that they do, we’ll be open about what we’re really trying to say,” he said. “The message that we want to get out there is that the armpit is not a bad thing, and that we stand for caring for the armpit.”

Ew. The word armpit just makes me feel gross. More on the campaign here.