VIDEO: Kermit Gosnell Documentary 3801 Lancaster

As the gruesome trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell plays out in a Philadelphia courtroom, a documentary about the case is making the rounds on the internet.

In 3801 Lancaster (the name is taken from the address of Gosnell’s abortion clinic), District Attorney Seth Williams is seen talking about “severed feet in jars” and a former patient describes the “care” she received in Gosnell’s office and talks of “bloody recliner chairs,” while Inquirer crime reporter Joseph Slobodzian provides much of the narrative. Some of the images are truly horrific.

Philadelphia Weekly reporter Tara Murtha has labeled 3801 Lancaster “a propaganda film that promotes views espoused by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, a radical anti-choice fringe group who advocate, in short, that abortion is black genocide concocted by ‘the abortion industry.'” The website for the film provides links to pro-life groups.